In 1978 my parents bought their first dog ">






In 1978 my parents bought their first dog , its name was oblack des Alirols. This dog gave us great happiness but left no descendance.

When it died in 1992 , I was designated to fill the emptyness and bought a female whose name was d'Heva
du Val de Lauzière. At that time, i put all my energy to promote the race of the dog i was bringing up : Lhasa
apso whose beauty and history moved me.

I was far from imagining, that little by little, the passion for the Yorkies was going to overwhelm me and replace what i felt for Tibetans.

In 1995,  i red Heva and in this first litter a female melted my heart, her name was Léa de L'Elpazeor who became the base of my selection program .

Then in 1997, i looked a champion "fiancé" for my Lea and I met Rithé Gérard whose knowledge of the race and ability will allow me to progress rapidly.
She presented me Thuryanne Great Scott , a french champion.

To this moment , i studied genetics , different dogs races, and i travelled many distance always with the same
idea, learn the more i can about the original yorkshire's standard .

Latter, I met fervent dog fancies, they became friends and introducing me to the world of shows.

In 1999, Rithé Gérard sold me Pavlova de Penghibur . I decided totoook few lessons about  grooming with Carole Cousin and then i jumped into the adventure.

For my first show dog , our "Nationale d'elevage" Pavlova who only 16 months old and presented by Enrique
LLobel made the BEST IN SHOW for the young class.

He ook several days to come back down to earth, since then yorkies always make me dream up.

In  1980? for my bred name request, I just had lhassa apso and several names related to tibet were already attributed.
So, i started looking at the  color of my puppies coat. They were light golden  which inspired my choice , giving a name including the syllabe "or" (gold in french) such as Elpazeor.

The origin of Elpazeor comes from a little golden fish from Thailand .

My yorkies were tagged with this syllabe giving reference to the color of their coats which i hope will turn golden as i continue my work with selection.

In 2003 we have the first champion girl with our kennel  name  , it's a wonderful  little bitche , named Roxy de L'Elpazeor.
She won quickly his international  beauty championship.
At the  New-York Specialty  she looks very well for the judge who distinct her.



Florence Demers(Dumont Kennel)